Anton Rivette


Image by Sarah Walker

DSP: Who are you in this world? What is your Normal? 
AR: I am a wavy arrangement of energetic particles. Nothing (and everything) is normal.

DSP: Who were you at the beginning of this project?
AR: Freshly back to Melbourne, after a period away, I was open and excited, unsure of how long and deep the journey ahead would be.

DSP: Who have you become through this project or by the end of the last show? What is your new normal?
AR: I have become many things through the period of my life that this play was a part of, but mostly I have become more patient with the complexities of life, both internally and externally.

DSP: Through this process how do you foresee arriving at the next stage, if that was to become a reality? What do you want to normalise?
AR: I no longer foresee.

DSP: What is paradise and what does it look like to you?
AR: I enjoyed some fresh bread fifteen minutes ago, and soon I will have a warm shower.

DSP: Is theatre / performance art needed in paradise? Why?
AR: Art is a reflection of paradise.

DSP: What is the one thing people say about you the most?
AR: If people are speaking about me, I am not there to witness the conversation.

DSP: Name 3 to 10 survival things you have / need / would like to have in your tool belt? (for everyday, as an artist and in the bush)
AR: Vulnerability, oxygen and belief.

DSP: Can you identify and share one pivotal moment, that was the turning point for you as an artist and a person in this project?
AR: Day one. Listening. Learning to listen within this particular context.

DSP: What was the hardest and the most fun or funniest thing in this process?
AR: Its duration.

DSP: Is there a fun fact about you, you would like to share here?
AR: Answers to questions like this elude me.

DSP: Industry history, awards and other works that you would like to share, if at all!
AR: I tell stories with voice, performance and prose. It feels innate. It was an honour to
share this journey with everyone who was involved.