David Woods


Image by Sarah Walker

DSP: Who are you in this world? What is your Normal?
DW: I’m a retreating submerging former artist now facilitator. Self-subsidising ambitious projects that I failed to fundraise fully for. In normal I tend to some others, exercise intensely, process the world as theatre art and attempt to radiate loving kindness.

DSP: Who were you at the beginning of this project? 
DW: Successful independent artist with socially engaged socialist agenda and a minor commercial practice as an actor that subsidises it.

DSP: Who have you become through this project or by the end of the last show? What is your new normal? 
DW: Facilitator. Psychology student mopping up after past projects and enabling some echoes of them. Community activist, localism.

DSP: Through this process how do you foresee arriving at the next stage, if that was to become a reality? What do you want to normalise? 
DW: Artist with disabilities leading work, featuring in integrated imaginatively driven work. More facilitating needed.

DSP: What is paradise and what does it look like to you? 
DW: Various athletic facilities that everyone enjoys using surrounded by trees with endorphin high art time for dessert.

DSP: Is theatre / performance art needed in paradise? Why?
DW: Not the stuff I make – its angry and headbutts walls. In paradise the walls are gone.

DSP: What would you like to ask Jon?
DW: I would like to ask how he is and see his face in person at the same time.

DSP: What is the one thing people say about you the most?
DW: Runner, actor -was he in the Harry Potter movies?

DSP: Name 3 to 10 survival things you have / need / would like to have in your tool belt? (for everyday, as an artist and in the bush)
HAVE – clean underwear socks and pants and a fresh shirt. A change of shoes. Soap, dry towel. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Wet razor. Shaving cream. water supply. stash of vegetarian foods fresh and long life. Friends and loved ones. Assortment of pens and pencils and notebooks. Warm sleeping bag. Bivvy bag. Bicycle (off road)plus hot washing facility for self and clothing.
NEED – Ditto!
For the bush – drop the notebook, washing machine and the hot water and switch the clothing to durable-daily re-wearable single set.

DSP: Can you identify and share one pivotal moment, that was the turning point for you as an artist and a person in this project? 
DW: When Kate Hood left. Understanding the framework of solidarity required and the commitment to that from everyone involved.

DSP: What was the hardest and the most fun or funniest thing in this process?
DW: The hardest was the aftermath of Kate’s departure. Fun/ Funniest thing – the pure movement work.

DSP: Is there a fun fact about you, you would like to share here?
DW: I have two doppelgängers who I rotate public appearances with.

DSP: Industry history, awards and other works that you would like to share, if at all!
DW: 28 years of practice as theatre-artist mostly with  acclaimed and notorious maverick underground double act Ridiculusmus  but also Back to Back theatre,(Ganesh Versus the Third Reich and Super Discount)  James Brennan  (The Chat) and others plus some significant dabbles in mainStage works like Blasted with Eloise Mignon and Fayssal Bazzi directed by Anne-Louse Sarks, A Flea in Her Ear directed by Simon Phillips, Exit The King with Geoffrey Rush and Optimism with Frank Woodley. On television two seasons of The Wrong Girl, Romper Stomper, The Secret River, Laid, and on film Holding The Man and I Met A Girl.